“The more time you spend contemplating what you should have done…

you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do."

- Lil Wayne




  1. a personal WAY of writing.

  2. a CODE.

  3. a figure 0; a zero; a CIRCLE.


  1. to put a message into one's writing.

  2. to encode.

  3. to DO arithmetic.

A circle, or Cypher, is one of the oldest geometric symbols traditionally representing unity, wholeness, and infinity. For us, the Cypher is an 8-week music program conceived to develop life navigation skills & integrate political education.

Each session splits into three sections: grounding, dialogue, and creativity. A new task is offered each week, eventually leading to a group-led performance. No prior musical experience is required.

Somatic Abolitionism

The Cycle Stops Now!)

Somatic Abolitionism is a three session body-centered practice that aims to free our bodies and communities from the effects of transgenerational trauma. One can actively process underlying cognitive traumas by cultivating practices to ease the body.


Mindfulness Meditation Program

Based on the Path of Freedom model, M.I.N.D. is a 10-session meditation course initially developed for people-in-custody designed to uncover tools for discovering and freeing oneself from the internal prison of mental conditioning, impulsive, emotional reactions, & behaviors.