“The more time you spend contemplating
what you should have done…
you lose valuable time planning
what you can and will do."

Lil Wayne




  1. a personal WAY of writing.

  2. a CODE.

  3. a figure 0; a zero; a CIRCLE.


  1. to put a message into one's writing.

  2. to encode.

  3. to DO arithmetic.

A circle, also known as a Cypher, is one of the oldest geometric symbols, symbolizing unity, wholeness, and infinity.

For us, the Cypher is an 8-week music program designed to help learners develop life skills and the integration of critical consciousness.

Each session divides into three components grounding, discourse, and creativity. We offer a new challenge each week, leading to a group-led showcase.

Our programming aims to address four major dimensions:

  • Fun: We are cultivating a healthy environment conducive to creativity and joy. Music can facilitate and honor individuals and communities on their terms, meeting people where they are and offering them peace of mind or a mental and emotional calm and collected state.

  • Navigation Skills: We integrate music as a communication technology to assist participants in developing coping and navigation skills as they journey through challenging circumstances and situations.

  • Community Building: We use music to build positive relationships and a stronger community for the people we serve.

  • Passing the torch: We encourage participants to share music with the next generation and pass on a positive message.

Before starting Mederi Muzik, we worked as Arts Project Coordinators at Rikers Island. We continue this work to all underserved communities. Our programming consists of the following:

  • Cypher: An 8-week music creation workshop based on freestyle emceeing and body percussion to express oneself regarding incarceration.

  • Lyric Analysis: A form of therapeutic processing around the study of existing lyrical content to uncover deeper traumas within the psyche and process through them

  • Drum Circles: A group experience in which participants exchange rhythm and sync with one another and with themselves to entrain and resonate.

  • Rap Battle: A friendly competition between multiple participants to showcase their lyrical skills and have fun.